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Студентки МГУ разделись для В.Путина :: Фоторепортажи ::

Miss April

Those of you who have been reading about the Moscow University journalism students' birthday tribute to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin may be curious to see the calendar concerned (link above). While I do miss Russia a lot, you can imagine that it's not for the quality of the journalism there. That these young ladies are already sucking up to the ruling elite so early in their journalistic careers gives little hope for improvement.

I suspect the late, valiant Anna Politkovskaya, would not turn as much in her grave as puritanical anglo-saxon readers might imagine. Still, I can't imagine she would be impressed by the sycophantic messages adorning the photos.


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I'm not going to be able to sleep now that you've put that image in my head. :-(


I thank God that Polly is not pulling out the stops in a similar vein for Miliband minor

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