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Smoking on motorbikes

Continuing my theme of distentangling honest-to-Stalin Leftism from good old-fashioned British Puritanism, I was looking for an image to illustrate something Mrs P. and I noticed yesterday. Out on the town in Shanghai, we saw many motorcyclists riding (legally) without helmets and smoking en route.

Oddly enough, I couldn't find a suitable photo, but I did find these.



Let the debate between outraged statists and on-the-back-foot libertarians begin.

h/t Videogum and  DJ Mick


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The Apiarist

This is not just a Shanghai phenomenon; whilst in Italy last year it was not unusual to see a mother with up to three children perched on a Vespa, buzzing between the lines of traffic. One particularly intrepid woman had a small child propped on the handlebars and a 25kg canister of propane wedged between her feet.


One would think the ash would blow all over them.

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