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Navigator no more

As I drove to the Cotswolds on Friday night, I feared the weekend would be a disaster. The weather was disgusting, the roads congested and the journey took twice as long as it should. However, I had a great time. Cutesy though the Cotswolds can be (and oppressive though I would find it to live with the local planning regime) they are steeped in England's rich history. Deep in Cameron country, it was hard to believe that anyone, anywhere had ever been foolish enough to vote Labour. Cruising the lanes and village streets in an Aston Martin/Maserati two car convoy, England seemed a beautiful, peaceful place. The sun came out on Saturday, and this morning was spent in the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, where weather was irrelevant. Vittoria played nicely on the Cotswolds lanes and Navigator got his turn behind the wheel. Now for Vancouver ...



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Indeed, Navigator no more, if only for a few short hours! Thank you Mr P. for your excellent company (and also your fine guests), and for the chance to spend some intimate time with Vittoria.

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