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Mr Eugenides: The last post.
Eugenides demon eyes
I was in a good mood this morning. The sun is shining, there's a day of rest ahead, and Mrs P. (who was very ill this week) is chirpy again. Mr Eugenides has spoiled it. The Devil (who has the pleasure to know him personally) gives him his due here. For my part, let me just add that Mr Eugenides was one of the wittiest inhabitants of the British political blogosphere. He was as funny as he was spot on. It would be churlish to let the moment pass without thanking him for his entertaining efforts over the last five years. Thank you, sir and good luck. You will be missed.


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If it hasn't hit the fan, what is this I am wiping off my shirt?


It is sad that bloggers are dropping out but methinks he'll be back when it hits the fan.


I shall look forward to that with great pleasure. Expo 2010 finished this weekend (at a greater total cost than the Beijing Olympics). Shanghai's next big international event can be the Blogmeet on the Bund. B^)

Mr Eugenides

Thank you for the kind sentiments. Should I be in Shanghai any time soon, I shall be sure to take you up on the lunch suggestion that we weren't able to arrange in Moscow...

Colin Campbell

I learned more about UK politics from bloggers like you and Mr Eugenides. As you said funny and spot on.

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