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MilliblandFrom the point of view of anti-socialist, freedom-loving voters, this is the third best possible outcome to the Labour leadership contest. It is the best one we could reasonably have hoped for.

The unions' choice has prevailed and Labour is now led by a dour, snooty, charmless man. Television viewers were immediately presented with gleeful (and off-putting) trade union leaders welcoming their man with hyperbole about opposing the "assassination" of public services.

Labour is moving leftwards under the control of its paymasters. Odd Ed will play badly with the Labour heartlands. He will play even worse in Middle England. The bookmakers immediately lengthened the odds on Labour to win the next election.

This is the best news in British politics for a long while. Like Mr Milliband himself, I would like to thank the members of the Labour Party for electing him.


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The unions' choice has prevailed and Labour is now led by a dour, snooty, charmless man.

The inevitability of banality and its evil consequences.

Peter Whale

I agree the election of MilliTed to lead the Labour party assures their defeat. Now how do we get rid of the Camerloons?


A wonderful result.

If David Miliband should find himself at a loose end he could always volunteer to head up the referendum campaign in favour of AV.



Me too!


The best tweet on this by far IMHO has been:

"Following election of Ed Miliband as leader, 'New Labour' is to be re-named 'Labour Classic'"


The tribalists are still a major force. I am amongst them at present and will be interested to see how they react.


So did I!

Suboptimal Planet

Excellent news indeed. Ed the bug-eyed monster is surely unelectable.

Sean Gabb would have preferred David (according to characteristically contrarian logic):

[Ed] looks thick – but a visible lack of intelligence has never been a disadvantage in English politics. Apparent sincerity has always weighed more than cleverness.

We'll see. It may depend on how many Old Labour tribalists are still alive and kicking. I can't imagine Ed attracting any of those gullible centrists that Tony Blair was able to seduce.

Mr Eugenides

Fully agreed. I'm not ashamed to say that I punched the air...

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