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I have a new name for my pain

uknn: Now independent thinkers are considered diseased by psychiatry.

I am suffering from "oppositional defiant disorder," apparently. But it could be worse.

Children who exhibit unique eccentricities in accordance with their unique personalities, in general, would be categorized as having a mental illness. If this criteria had been used in past centuries to diagnose illness, there may have never been people like Mozart or Einstein who ventured outside the norm and came up with new or unique ideas.

Washington Post article captured the essence of this concept perfectly in the following quote:

"If seven-year-old Mozart tried composing his concertos today, he might be diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and medicated into barren normality."



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HAHA what a load of fuckery. So a psychiatry business in the US based on profit (IE a right wing obsession) has come to the conclusion that it must create more disorders in order to make money (profit) and all you lot can do is blame the "left wingers" how pathetic. Typical of how the "freedom" you lot so value has led to this yet you deny your own philosophy and hand has had a part to play in this. Of course your dreaded "rules and regulations" could have stopped the for-profit nonsense but oh no that would be counter to "freedom"........


Now they tell me. My excuse is that I caught it off my Dad, who caught it off his Dad and so it goes on.


Psychologists were employed by Communists to spy on and remove Soviet Citizens. Roman Church Priests burned the books highlighting Jesus' teachings for people to think for themselves (see St Thomas' Gospel discovered in 1945).
Free thinkers, able to unravel themselves from nonsense like the original Thomas Paine, were reviled.

john east

It's ironic that crazy lefties will lap up these research results and happily incorporate them into their psychopathy. Yet it's the lefties who clearly hold views counter to the natural order of mankind who suffer from a mental disorder.

Right of centre beliefs, perhaps better described as non-beliefs, like the libertarians desire not to be stifled by the state, or the free marketeers desire not to be crushed by rules and taxes, are in fact clear signs of sanity.


The left is doing this to us in the USA too. Their calling us conservatives insane; that we have a "meantal illness". Who's killed more people over the years? the Left and their communist/Marxist friends!

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