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Motoring peace, cease-fire or truce?


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Grammar schools were classless. Working class kids got into them - just not dumb ones like John Prescott. Selective education has nothing to do with class (unless you are saying - rather offensively - that all working class kids must by definition be thick) and everything to do with educational opportunity. I don't agree with the Tories on education either, because they pander to daft ideas like yours.


I have to say, I don't agree with the Tories plans on schools.

Whatever one says about Comprehensive schools, they do bring all children up together, learning to mix in a classless society.

Education is about more than just exams.

Mrs R

You forgot this

and this

john east

Just study the Question Time audience any Thursday night on TV. The lack of critical thought, the slavish adherence to the left, and the cheers and applause whenever meaningless terms like "change", and "progressive" are used on the panel.

Last night's QT was particularly upsetting as the audience contained more students than usual. The results of state education brainwashing were plain to see. It made me sad to see the clearly intelligent and committed younger generation, with so much potential to improve the world, so totally blinkered and close-minded.


A study of the 1980s schools boycott in South Africa, during the Apartheid years, and the subsequent results thereof, might provide some illumination?

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