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Drawing a (dotted) line

Until the Great Writ of habeas corpus runs again in the land that conceived it; until the presumption of innocence applies once more and "suspect" means only what the dictionary says; until the right of silence applies again, I cannot promise not to write here. But a line has to be drawn, at least for a while.

I can say nothing useful until the coalition government has had the chance to make those changes and many more. So far, they have spoken and written fair words, but handsome is as handsome does and they have already one very black mark against their name. I cannot quite believe that they have already used the very "control orders" (house arrests of innocents) whose introduction to Britain inspired me to start this blog.

As it happens, there are also changes in my own life I must deal with. Great, sad changes that make blogging - at least for a while - seem a very paltry thing. So forgive me if I fall silent for a while.


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Daedalus Parrot

Best of luck.

Don't let the illegitimi grind your carborundum down, or whatever it is in latin.

In times of troubles, I have always found the following very ,very true: "Things never turn out as well as you hope but they are also never as bad as your worst fears."

It may not seem comforting at first, but it keeps you aware that the depths of despair are much further away than you think.


Damn!! only recently found you and you're off!!!
Still you have a few back posts I can plough through in a spare moment!
Good luck and haste ye back when you can...
Hope all goes well with you!

Obnoxio The Clown

Chin up, Mr Paine ... all bad things heal in time.

Keep the faith!

Captain Ranty

My thoughts are with you & yours Tom.

What little I can do from here is yours to command.


Fay Levoir

Will be thinking of you at this difficult time.


I entered this site by chance, but I found very interesting. A greeting to all the people who visit this page.

David Davis

"Hey, are you all right there, old fella?" Ugg? Ugg?

"Just give us a shout if you need anything." ("..Uuugg, uuuugg, Ok?)

(Yep this is what an anatomically-modern hominid would have saidto another one in the neighbouring cave, who looked like he was in some difficulty.)

Abramelin Asp

CT said...
"...comfort from the knowledge that the people out here who hold you in esteem are also holding you and yours in their thoughts."

I think we all feel this way.


Mr. P

I'm very sorry to learn of the difficult circumstances in which you find yourself.

I sincerely hope that you will find the inner strength to deal with them and also a little comfort from the knowledge that the people out here who hold you in esteem are also holding you and yours in their thoughts.

Andrew Duffin

Sorry to hear this, Mr. P.

Whatever is afflicting you, I hope you manage to work it out or work through it.

Very best wishes and I hope to hear from you again some time.


Best of luck. When you decide to take up the keyboard again, we'll be here..


Tom - I am sure that whatever confronts you, you will deal with them withe the same grace, wit and courage with which you write the blog.

I hope you don't stay silent for too long. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Good luck and Godspeed


Peter Whale

Best of luck Tom. I will miss your writings for they helped me to formulate some of my thinking.

Steve Thursby

Good luck, I hope you can sort everything out in your private life.

You will be missed.

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Colin Campbell

Take care Tom. Sad times for many it seems.

Roger Thornhill

All the very best - looking out for when you can speak up again.

Young Mr. Brown

I am sorry that your voice will be falling silent for a while, because I will miss your helpful and incisive comment.

I am, however, considerably more sorry that sad changes have come upon you. If I may be permitted to say so, may the Lord be with you.

Phillip Downs

Your voice will be missed. I wish you the grace and strength to deal with whatever confronts you.


May all be well with you and your family TP. Thinking of you all.

rinky stingpiece

It's a nice song, but it's target should be Brown and Blair.

john miller

Good luck to you and yours.

My thoughts are with you both.

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