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City of London security guards told to report 'suspicious' photographers | UK news | The Guardian.

Under Labour's illiberal regime, cameras  - ludicrously - became suspicious objects at the same time as they became ubiquitous. I always have at least three with me (two on mobile phones and one "real" compact). At a weekend, I might also have my full SLR kit, as photography is my hobby. Dangerously, at least when I am in Britain, cityscapes are my favourite subject.

It is ridiculous to regard photography as a dangerous activity and (as there's no legal basis for the harassment that is now commonplace) it's easy for the Home Office just to tell the police to stop it. For the first time in 13 years, there are grounds for optimism that a Home Secretary might do the right thing.

Well, Theresa? This seems like low-hanging fruit to me.