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Pot on kettle action at the BBC
Context is everything


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what a pathetic advert - so basically the conservative party is falling into line with the no-growth , flat-earth, enviro-marxist lunatics who want to destroy the free market system and everything that conservatism stands for.


my vote is with UKIP - at least Farage seems to have some bloody common sense.


I think the answer is either

a) They were going to match Labour spending pound for pound


b) They were going to share the proceeds of growth



"Why didn't the..."

Because although Cameron is a Conservative he just isnt conservative. What he fails to see (or chooses not to) is that every time he does something that betrays his party his ratings and that of the party fall. When he does something conservative, they rise.

So, break the promise on Lisbon...ratings fall.
Attack the NuLieBore NI increase...ratings rise

Finally it looks like someone has managed to get through the bubble of non-conservatives he's surrounded himself with and convince him that being a conservative is a great way to get conservatives to vote for him.


To answer the question - because they're wankers under the control of Andy Coulson. He had Dave so nervous about which way to go, what to say, what not to say, how to go about it, what look to have on his face to get votes - after all, Coulson has to justify his £273 000 salary as spinmaster.

What was not done at any point in the campaign was for a leader to stick with his promises and stand tall, quietly repeating those policies and deflecting all counter-spin.

It doesn't need Coulson for Dave to just state his policies, policies which should never have been altered. It does need a Coulson to hold together an infrastructure with no structural integrity.

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