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Labour has politicised the management of the police and subverted the charitable sector to its political ends. Want evidence? You can find it here and here (both in Labour's Pravda of course).

Public servants should stay out of politics. Elections are for them just like a board meeting where directors with a personal financial interest in the outcome are not permitted to vote. The senior police commanders who "are said to be" against the Conservatives' plan to introduce elected police chiefs have no right to tell their true employers (the taxpayers) how they should go about appointing them. Their opposition to the proposed change suggests only that they know perfectly well that the people they are supposed to serve despise them. Fair enough. The feeling seems perfectly mutual. Sir Paul Stephenson arrogantly remarks:

I could not work in a system where I could be told how to deliver policing

Well, not by the people at any rate. He and his colleagues seem to have taken their orders from Labour well enough - even to the extent of allowing their officers to quiz people who make Freedom of Information requests about their political affiliations and any heretical views they might hold on Anthropogenic Global Warming. The President of the Police Superintendents' Association feels that public confidence in the police;

should not be jeopardised for political ideology

I agree with him, but that horse has bolted. Britain's senior policeman have positioned themselves as the paramilitary wing of New Labour and have lost the public's confidence by their embrace of "political ideology." The only way to restore the confidence of the public may well be to disintermediate police command and control; to cut out the party politicians by direct election of chief constables. Who knows? We may even get some guys like this one! I would worry about that until all but the crimes that existed in some form under Common Law were abolished, but I'd prefer him as my local police chief to any sociology graduate.

The "former charity leaders" whose opinion, it is said (by the Grauniad at least), "reflects the views of many now working in the field" should be silent too. If they are mouthpieces, as suggested, for their former colleagues then they are conspiring to circumvent the law which restricts charity workers from making party political points during election campaigns. Given Labour's entryism in the charitable sector, it would not be at all surprising if they were doing so on party political orders.

Those who have risen under New Labour are as keen to see it fall as were the apparatchiks of the Smith regime in Rhodesia or Erich Honecker's DDR. Their support for the hand that has fed them (and turned them against the people they should serve) tells us nothing new.


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Quite so Tom. The protestations of the 'top brass' and their threats of mass resignations are comedy gold. Why would they fear the public vote if they were actually doing their job as apolitical police chiefs?

The politicisation of the police is amongst Labour's worst crimes.


Excellent stuff. Keep hitting, Tom.

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