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The true scale of our problem

Todays' test

Top comprehensives 'more socially exclusive than grammar schools' | Education | The Guardian.

1. An actual lottery is a fairer way of choosing which school a child attends than the lottery of which family it is born into. Discuss.

2. Parents who care about their children's education will, if their few choices are removed be:-
a) Happier
b) Less happy
c) Ready to hang left-wing educationalists from the nearest lamp-post

3. Parents who don't care about their children's education will, if they are sent to a better school than they might themselves have chosen:-
a) Give a flying ****
b) Not give a flying ****

4. Removal of parental choice will affect under performing head teachers as follows:
a) increase pressure
b) decrease pressure
c) make no difference as they are tenured placemen at no risk of dismissal

5. That there are so many sink schools with poor academic records and disruptive pupil behaviours is the fault of:
a) Left-wing educationalists
b) Left-wing educationalists
c) Left-wing educationalists

6. The independent University of Buckingham has:-
a) Been infiltrated by left-wing educationalists
b) Preserved its reputation for independent thought
c) Lost all credibility as a provider of education worth paying for