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Visualizing Obama's budget cuts. [VIDEO].


That's just a screen shot and there's no way to embed the movie here, so please follow the link. The production values are not great, the presentation is amateurish and the one joke is lame, but it's a short movie you will be glad you watched. I have suggested before that politicians should be required to cost their projects, not in hundreds of millions of pounds, but in taxpayer working lives or TWLs. It might help people apply some sort of gut-feel cost/benefit analysis to the ideas politicians come up with to waste our working lives. I also think it would be only polite for the Directorate of Slavery (aka Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs) to send "thank you" letters confirming how many days we were forced to work for the government each year.

One way or another, if we don't find a way to grasp the huge numbers squandered by our drones we are doomed. 

A deferential h/t to the The Blogfather.