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My Birthday in Cannes last week

Birthday20103Birthday20102 Birthday20101 Your humble blogger was off the 'net for most of last week, as there was no connection in the apartment where I stayed while attending the MIPIM real estate fair in Cannes. The batteries on my iPhones barely coped with the requirements of work in such a hectic environment and I was getting home too late to blog anyway.

This was a good chance, amidst all the business development, to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. My birthday often coincides with MIPIM and my friends and colleagues from Russia made sure the celebration was a good one this year.

As I am on a diet, I am reduced to "food-blogging" a superb millefeuille birthday cake I couldn't actually eat. This is my favourite dessert and the Restaurant de Bacon in Cap d'Antibes (my favourite restaurant in the world) makes one you will find hard to surpass anywhere. Don't worry, Welshcakes. I am not going into competition with you.

I received several marvellous gifts (though my friends' company was the best gift of all). Of note was a magnificent bottle of Armagnac of the same vintage as myself, which will be saved for a special occasion. What a thoughtful gift too! Surrounded as I was by young, glamorous Russians, it was good to know I wasn't the oldest thing at the table.

The pictured car sadly does not belong to me or any of my friends. It just provided a nice moment in the day when I encountered it parked on La Croisette (the main drag in Cannes). Can anyone identify it?

Blogging will be light for the next couple of days as I will be in transit back to Shanghai.


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David Davis_libertarian alliance

Hey man, you are off your head. Are you serious about that restaurant? Have you seen the effing price for simple lobster soup, about £130?

I have to say you are winding us up. I can cook that, here in the house, in Southport, for about £6 for four people. I can get "Gerry" and his shrimpy-truck to get that stuff! The global-warming thingy means that the sand-flats for shrimping and lobstering get bigger here by about 200 metres a year....

But good luck to you always, old fella. Do well, drive Mazzos, and anything else that is "made to go, not to stop". (You are the great-one, whatever that may mean.)

David Davis_libertarian alliance

Good send-off for you, Old Man. Grand and you deserve great ones now and in the future.

You deserve the company of better people that most of us are. (Work that out yourself.)

But I'm glad that the Russians are not as bad as they are painted, to be, to us here. This is an important point, and may have repercussions in the (interesting) decades to come.

Old chap, have a great flight and keep sending us interesting things soonest. It's always a great morning when something turns up from yours. You think.

We love you. (Really.)


The car question is a tad easy. A harder question would be, how do I know for certain that the the car is not a 208 GT4?

Also... £120 for a portion of fish stew, strewth. Is it served in the small of Carla Bruni's back?

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