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We are all Russians today

Female suicide bombers kill 37 in Moscow metro | World | Reuters.

I am waiting for news* and desperately hoping none of my Russian colleagues is among the innocents murdered today in Moscow. No cause justifies such actions. As a nation that endured a terror campaign for decades, we British should sympathise with the Russians today. At least let's conduct ourselves better in this respect than our own so-called "friends and allies" who funded, armed and/or gave political asylum to IRA murderers. Murderers some of whom are now in high office to the satisfaction of those "friends" and to our eternal shame. I hope and believe Russia can do better. I certainly expect no Russian ever to have to endure the humiliation I feel when I see the triumphant, evil faces of McGuinness and Adams.

Our own authorities prefer puritanical meddling in our everyday lives to resolute enforcement of the few laws that really matter, but we can hope for better in Russia. Their politicians may be among the worst of that bad bunch known as statists, but they may be relied upon to get this job done. Having lived 6 years in Moscow, I am also sure they will get on with it without inflicting pointless "security theatre" on decent people or parking tanks at airports as PR stunts. They will act, not spin.

You would not expect a libertarian to admire the KGB's successor agency, the FSB. You would be right. But today this libertarian wishes its agents good hunting.

*Now received. Our people are ok.