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A new forum for Liberty?

Liberty Network - Uniting Libertarians in the UK.

Well done Max Andronichuk for setting this up and good luck to all participants. If you are interested in a space to discuss libertarian issues with others of like mind, by all means get over there and join. There is plenty to talk about.

I only hope the new forum avoids the factionalism that tends to afflict minority viewpoints untrammelled by immediate hopes of office. Libertarians have a long road to travel if they are ever to regain the majority position they enjoyed when the sturdy, stubborn yeoman was the unconscious mental model of most Britons. Or even the more fragile majority they quite recently enjoyed when the Conservative, Liberal and even (in many respects) Labour parties respected the primacy of individual choice. I hope discussions will be focussed on how to travel that road as quickly as possible.

Too many millions now depend on the state in Britain to be easily persuaded to another view. They are far, far too afraid to let go of Nurse. But persuasion is ultimately the only way. And nothing is less persuasive than ideological introversion.


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