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Con Coughlin should be ashamed of himself. The linked article would be unworthy of the Daily Mail, let alone the Daily Telegraph. However much Binyam Mohammed's claim to have been an innocent back-packer in Afghanistan may stink, the fact remains: decent people from decent countries don't torture. Just as it's easy to uphold the free speech of those who agree with you, so it's easy not to torture your friends. Self-restraint is only needed when it comes to those you consider (rightly or wrongly) your enemies. That restraint is a litmus test for civilisation. It seems on this occasion that Britain's security services have failed it, shaming us all.

But this commentary on Coughlin's sick article is disgusting too. Not the part about Britain as " of the world's most influential powers...", which is just ridiculous (and a let-out for future torture by the less "influential" powers Britain's leftists support). No, the part that's offensive is this;

If you think that the rule of law should be ditched when the government decides it’s terror-time just come out and say it, Con. And if you think that being “unsympathetic” is enough to merit “at the very least cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” have the guts to spell it out. Come on! Your pals in the services would be dead impressed [my emphasis]

For readers of Liberal Conspiracy, our soldiers, sailors and airmen are thugs who would be "impressed" by support for torture. Nothing I know justifies such an assumption and, while there are always sad exceptions, I doubt most of them - well-disciplined though they are - would accept even a direct order to do it. Modern British leftists, however, are not cut from the same cloth as Labour man George Orwell. He wrote that;

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

His political descendants (and goodness, how far they have descended) have no such respect for our warriors. Warriors who risk themselves regardless of the follies of the politicians who lead them. The daily idiocies at Liberal Conspiracy are such a reliable antidote to low blood pressure that they should be available on prescription. This kind of cant however is just too darkly revealing.