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What's wrong with state education

'The school's chances were snatched away' - Telegraph.

A member of the Labour Party explains... The linked article is well worth a read. I am still pondering why, having resigned as a school governor, Joanna Leapman does not also resign from the party that bears most of the blame for the situation she bemoans. Compare and contrast the head teacher she admired (now out of work);

He just did things. When he needed a classroom, he found a disused area and created one. Storage areas and medical rooms were not being used, so he brought in a builder during the holidays to knock them through. He even sold an unused kiln on eBay for school funds.

...with the candidate favoured over him by her fellow-governors. many others – [s/he] went along with the institutionalised box-ticking and consultation exercises that are squeezing the creativity and excellence out of our public services. Several highly disruptive and violent children were still in the school in the name of 'inclusion’ and had contributed to the resignation of a couple of excellent teachers.

Perhaps most telling is her observation on the recruitment process for teachers;

Candidates would only score if they said the right phrase – usually the latest educational buzz word – we had written down on our sheets.

No-one involved with British education in the past 20 years could be surprised by that.