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The Love Police at work, again.

David Cameron thinks we need to set minimum educational standards for our teachers. Perhaps he should look at those for our police (and para-police)? This would be funny, if it were not so sad. Where are the robust English yeomen to tell these floundering, blundering uniformed buffoons where to get off? The desperate look whenever they are asked for legal justification for their actions says it all. There is too much law in Britain if even the professionals can't have it at their fingertips.

h/t Old Holborn


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Old Holborn

I spend hours winding up the Police.

It's very simple. You do not have to give a name, address or ID.

They can search you under section 44 if they have a genuine belief you are involved in terrorism.

You can film or photograph anything you want in public, including the Police

You do not have to show them the pictures

You do not have to remove your Guido Fawkes mask

You can demand to see their ID (warrent card) at any time

You cannot be detained unless you have committed a crime.

When they want "a word", just tell them to get lost.

NEVER carry ID

It works.

Kevyn Bodman

Interesting,amusing,worrying in various parts.

And necessary but by no means sufficient.

The WPCs and the security guard are not policy makers or police commanders, and those people should be targetted too.

Important points to make, and keep making:

photography in a public place is not illegal.

You do not have to give your name.

As for filiming/photographing the police:
I THINK it's only illegal if connected with terrorism?
But you are a lawyer and if criminal law is not your field you've perhaps got expert contacts who could clarify this?

If it's not illegal I think it would be a good idea to do lots of it, and publicise it.

Somewhat O/T but I also think it would be a good idea to have organised,publicised smoke-ins.
Consenting adults could gather in a space where smoking is banned and smoke or hold a burning cigarette, with press releases and a phone call to the police.
That, I believe,would be illegal. But civil disobedience has to be one of the ways forward out of the civil liberties mess we are in.

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