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Dreamstime_9220488Once upon a time many years ago, young Gemima worked for a British logistics company. Some employees working overseas found themselves stranded by circumstances beyond their control. They were driving a convoy of trucks carrying crates of foodstuffs but were stuck in a remote and barren spot. They were neither able to reach their destination nor retreat and had no shelter but the cabs of their trucks. After a while, their own food ran out. The company's senior driver authorised them to break open the cargo and eat some of the food. However he also took the opportunity to steal valuable crates for himself for future sale.

The drivers were told they would be charged for the food they consumed but realised they would also end up paying for the stolen goods. They were understandably indignant and sent a message home. In response, the company sent Gemima to sort the matter out. After meeting them and hearing their story she met privately with the thief over lunch. After a long, jovial and well-lubricated meal she emerged staggering under the weight of bags of stolen goods. She told the drivers they were in the wrong to make such accusations against the foremen and would have to pay, whereupon they threw her and her ill-gotten gains into a nearby lake.


[Author's note: if this reminds any readers of any similar events they may have witnessed in real life, can they please email me (making the customary adjustments) at Tom dot Paine at Mac dot com]


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