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A riddle

A young man graduates from an Oxbridge college. Left-wing in outlook, he advises all his fellow-graduates that they should become teachers in state schools in order to "put something back into society" by way of compensation for their "privileged backgrounds." The young man himself comes from a family that owns a castle North of the Border and an elegant house in London. At his 21st birthday party, his parents supplied pheasant from the family estate. He is not going to become a teacher to "put something back." He is going into journalism, but will not be working his way up from any local rag. He begins work later this year for a national newspaper.

Which newspaper? Go on, guess.


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"Which newspaper? Go on, guess."

So I gave the path many have trod.

"That the Guardian was too obvious was rather the point!What a sophisticated readership I have..."

If I ever wanted to see the feminine spirit in action this retort is it. The set-up and put-down.


That the Guardian was too obvious was rather the point! What a sophisticated readership I have. B^)

Mac the Knife

Daily Fail? *innocent look*



David Davis

Guardian's too obvious....Mirror? No, only trash-people buy that. Only "workers".

Telegraph's too full of lefties already. No vacancies.

I bet you it's the Observer or the NOW.




Is it The Daily Mash? ;)

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