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SUBROSA: Kindness.

Read the left-wing blogs and you will be struck by the strangeness of their ideas about libertarianism. They assume for example that because libertarians are concerned about the corrosive effects of welfarism, we are cold and heartless. For example, here is "Flying Rodent" commenting recently on this post at Pickled Politics:

I have two major problems with libertarianism, especially in its hysteric internet form. Mainly that’s because, historically, libertarians almost always side with the interests of “the individual” – by which they mean “the wealthy” rather than everyone. Look at their attitude to charities, if you want an example – they claim to only despise “fake charities,” but clearly hate the entire concept of charity itself.

It would be entirely fair to reduce the blogging libertarian’s philosophy to a mortal dread that somebody, somewhere is nibbling on a hunk of government cheese at their expense. This does not bode well for anyone with an interest in equality.

Forget for a second the straw men in his arguments. He conflates "the individual" with "the wealthy" and projects that onto his enemies. His view that libertarians hate charity itself merely reveals that, for such people, the cuckoo of welfarism has pushed all other ideas of community out of the nest. One of the saddest effects of the welfare state has been to make "charity" such a dirty word that it was easy for government to subvert it.

This clip (H/T Subrosa) shows a genuinely charitable response to a neighbour in trouble. No caring socialists or rich internet libertarians were harmed in the making of this film.