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As right honourably hung for a sheep as a lamb?

MPs facing police over expenses look to ancient Bill of Rights for protection - Telegraph.

Their distinguished counsel will, I am sure, have told them this is a long shot. They have nothing to lose in running it though. Certainly not the respect of the electorate. Perhaps they even have in mind to maximise the embarrassment of the Government in election year, in the hope that a deal can be struck behind closed doors? I suspect even this brazen regime would find that too hard. Besides, they are using the Labour Party's lawyers. Such a tactic would involve a major conflict of interest.

I estimate that as many as one-third of our MPs would now be facing criminal charges if they had filed their expense claims (under similar rules) to a private company. If even those few who were most brazen; claiming for non-existent mortgages, (allegedly) forging VAT receipts etc., were to be let off the hook surely even our docile electorate would riot?

I confidently predict these "honourable" gentlemen are going to gaol as token sacrifices to legality. There is honour among thieves politicians however. Watch out for the jobs they find when they have served their brief, cushy sentences. I suspect their sacrifice will be rewarded with juicer opportunities than are usually on offer to ex-offenders.