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Hutton inquiry closed David Kelly medical reports for 70 years | Politics | The Guardian.

I have resisted speculating about the death of Dr David Kelly. Largely because I am generally a sceptic when it comes to conspiracy theories. If I ever find myself considering one, I am usually put off by the wild-eyed company in which I find myself. So, I am still not suggesting that anyone in government ordered his murder. I have no evidence to substantiate such an accusation and, to be honest, I don't want to believe such things could happen in my country.

I am racking my brains, however, to conceive of a good alternative explanation as to why all records pertaining to Kelly's death have been sealed for 70 years. What legitimate purpose could such an order possibly serve? I really can't imagine.

Help a struggling patriot retain his faith. Come up with a plausible explanation as to why such an order should have been made. Please.


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Trooper Thompson

I don't know who did it or why, but murder is certainly the most if not the only plausible explanation, and the government covered it up at the very least.

Studying any period of history will show that conspiracies, assassinations, fake suicides, false flag atrocities etc are very common, and one of the key elements of waging war is deception. Has this changed? Have we arrived at a time when we can safely believe whatever we're told?


I have resisted speculating about the death of Dr David Kelly. Largely because I am generally a sceptic when it comes to conspiracy theories.

Conspiracies exist, Tom. It is no kudos to blindly reject all assertions [not that you personally do] on nefarious activities because it is in the nature of nefarious people to collude, cover-up and keep secret that which they would not like to see the light of day.

Nixon was a perfect example of this.

Therefore, it is an untenable position to auto-label everything conspiracy theory - that's as bad as believing everything one reads.

In the case of Kelly, there are distinct anomalies + Mandelson. That alone should give cause for suspicion.

The 70 year sealing just compounds the suspicion which already exists.

Lady Macleod

Sometimes 'a cigar is just a cigar' but sometimes a conspiracy does exist, and the coverup is always a spider's web of misleading details...

David Davis_libertarian alliance

I am pleased to be able to get back to reach your and other typepad sites after changing my router!

There there, that's my problems out of the for yours about Dr Kelly:-

My first recollection is that Dr Kelly had previously worked as a "UN inspector", or had something to do with real facts behind what the UN does smoke and mirrors with afterwards. If that's right, then could the UN have had any involvement with his fate? I like you despise conspiracy-theory stuff and do not want to think this could go on here either, but the UN...?

We also must remember that stuff to do with Dunblane (anyone remember that sad business?) was embargoed for 100 years. I bet, though, we all have our suspicions about the explanations for that, and about who might be involved and where they currently sit - or did sit - in the UK political firmament....

Just-sayin'. There is obviously something the buggers want to cover up about their involvement with the poor Doctor's fate, or this wouldn't happen.


Anna Raccoon makes a good point. Not sure I entirely asgree as it's all just a tad too convenient but she may well be right.


As a graduate Historian I have always veered towards the cock-up theory of History rather than the conspiracy theory of History. If nothing else situations are too complicated with too many players to allow 'conspiracies' to be functioning for more than a few hours let alone a couple of years without somebody getting to know about it.

In this case there is something the State really does not want out in the open until the players are long dead. I have asked to see files in the course of researches when a student only to be told that they were not available for thirty years.

In my venerable dotage these files are slowly coming forward, each year they are released, a new pack of lies and disinformation from the Government of the day comes to light.

Thirty years is the average for a bit of shady, embarrassing detail. Seventy years is for the really juicy stuff, and one hundred years is the norm for protecting the Royal Family.

Unless Cameron has got the guts to overturn this it will be a case of when Grandad Tom was alive. The Government did...............(whatever they did), but in those days they were a bit more unsophisticated than we are now.

Not much comfort here.

Peter Whale

Tony Blair said "who will rid me of this troublesome scientist". Is that plausible?

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