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If you are conservative, old-school liberal, or libertarian spare yourself the trouble of trawling the blogs today. If you are a blogger of that persuasion, spare yourself the trouble of posting. Just link, as I have, to today's post on Underdogs Bite Upwards.

Leg-iron of that parish is the blogger who brought us the term "the Righteous" to describe those modern Britons whose demented certainty brings them, endlessly interfering, into every corner of others' lives. Not for the first time, he has told it like it is. So much so that, frankly, the rest of us can take the day off. Do go read the whole of the passionate piece leading to this peroration

"The true coward is the one who will take no risk at all. The one who will not desert but who will hide behind others when the fighting starts. Those are the weaklings who run the country now.

If you vote Labour, you are one of them. "

And, by the way, if you recognise yourself in this description then, as Leg-iron robustly says,

...if any passing Righteous wish to take offence, be my guest. I don't like you anyway


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