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On the road again
Why can't Cameron close the deal?


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Andrew Scott

Oh... well apparently I am Hitler, and I really don't think that can be right?! I am Hitler because "I am paranoid and see threats in the most unlikely of places", Hmmm, an exaggeration but with a grain of truth in it; but it doesn't mean I have any intention of provoking mass murder and chaos among nations! At least I don't think so... all I really want is to be left in peace and have a nice cup of tea... But still, if I am being told I am Hitler maybe I should be making other plans. Nope. It's a lot of tosh that survey. I' a nice guy really (but is that what Hitler thought???). Back to my cup of tea.

Young Mr. Brown

Abraham Lincoln. Hmmmm.

Well, I suppose most people associate his name with freedom.


It decided I was JFK. I think it must be broken!!

David Davis

I am "a detatched intellectual whose ideas will save or destroy the world".

That'll do nicely. It's about right.

I still owe you an article, Tom! Not forgotten, just overwhlelmed with duties right now! if you like I'll send it in one of your quiet periods while you are getting your move sorted?

Account Deleted

Second time through - now I'm Mother Teresa. Closer, closer...

Account Deleted

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Saddam Hussein. I will be changing my alias accordingly :\

Surreptitious Evil

You're lucky. I got Hissing Sad ...

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