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A curious "logic"

Darling announces one-off shock tax to 'break bonus culture' | UK news | The Guardian.

Sources close to our glove-puppet Chancellor (quite possibly so close as to be the hand wiggling his implausible eyebrows) observe;

"Salaries have got out of hand. They have been paying themselves like football stars."

What kind of a society do we live in where it's taken for granted that a nitwit with a knack for ball control is so obviously worth more than the intelligent men and women looking after the investments that fund our pensions, life assurance, etc?

I do not quarrel with the remuneration the market doles out; irksome though it is that it values Terry Wogan, Chris Evans and Jonathan Ross - men possessed of nothing but cheeky charm - more than someone who creates employment in several countries while generating millions in invisible exports for his own. Let's just say that I regard the following statement (about football players or BBC presenters) as being of equal (i.e. zero) moral value;

"Salaries have got out of hand. They have been paying themselves like investment bankers."

If the government persists in pandering to popular prejudice in this way, it will find itself governing a country that can't afford to pay its idiot entertainers as much as they and their audiences think they "deserve". Then they will be able to provide neither bread nor circuses.