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The face he deserves?

Brown to grey: Portrait of a Prime Minister feeling the strain | Mail Online.

The face he deserves

It's obvious Brown himself has lost the will to live, but what were his advisors thinking about in permitting this undead photo to be published? Surely they had approval rights before publication? Any decent undertaker could have made him look better. Did worm-tongue Mandelson tell him it looked dignified?


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We have to get some sanity back into it before people start taking to the streets.


James, Do you really think that can happen?


I hope your right. Peter Hitchens has been banging on about this for years. He does tend to foam at the mouth a bit but he's well worth taking note of.

James Higham

Brown is largely irrelevant now. There needs to be and will be a split in the Tories, the Eurosceptics will take most Tories and they'll govern in coalition with the UKIP and LPUK.

There are practical ways it can happen and then the relationships with European nations are redefined on mutually advantageous terms.

After that, the Scottish and Welsh questions can be put on the table and discussed.

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