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Patrick McGoohan explains "The Prisoner"

YouTube - Patrick McGoohan "The Prisoner Puzzle".

I am grateful to reader Peter Gardner for drawing my attention (in a comment to my recent post) to these YouTube videos of McGoohan being interviewed about The Prisoner. The past really is another country. Two grown men having an intelligent conversation (over cigarettes!) in front of a polite audience asking intelligent questions! And no shrieking harpy of the left denouncing their thought crimes. When I enter a modern office building, fretting and fussing at the airport style security (or indeed as I regularly experience the security theatre at airports), I shall smile at the memory of McGoohan complaining about merely having to sign in to the studio before the interview. Enjoy.


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Let's try that again, shall we?


Here's a link to the first episode of the new version of the Prisoner">">

I'm about to settle down and watch- let's see how it turns out...


And no shrieking harpy of the left denouncing their thought crimes.

I got into trouble with the women today at my blog for saying that type of thing. :)


agree with trooper thompson, enjoyable to watch, thanks . it was also good to see people smoke in public and sadly ironic too considering the subject matter.

Trooper Thompson

Very interesting and enjoyable.

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