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I am not a number
An ideological train crash


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I was going to write a 93 page guide called 'Having a Shit' and send it to the Police. Do you think it would be appreciated ?


I suspect the reason for the length is economics, nobody pays for a good pamphlet these days. The rule with rule books is the bigger the better, if you are the kind of person who ventures into a bookstore looking for authoritarian guidance, 'use your common sense' is the last thing you want to see and a 93 page rule book has to be better than a 20 page one.

The need to write rules is a powerful urge, I see it in my young daughter, she presented me with a beautifully written set of my own rules as she saw them. It was depressing, I had evidentally succumbed to the urge myself, I wonder if the Libertarian Party would approve of 'eat your dinner' as the prime directive.


I did see the story and commented on Old Holborn's blog about it. Pretty appalling.

Kevyn Bodman

I can't see the funny side of this. At.All.

What skills are expected of police officers before they join up?
Who would have thought that riding a bike would not be one of the skills that can be assumed to have been acquired?

And what sort of well-meaning police officers are submitting this to the ACPO,(itself an organisation of dubious merit)?
Are they worthless suck-ups?
Nearly everybody likes a joke, and I offer my congratulations to anyone who is ready to take the mickey out of silly rules and regulations. But 93 pages is way beyond the point a mickey-taker would have said,'Enough, time for a drink.'

I'm now going to see if Inspector Gadget has anything to say about this.

P.S. and O/T,
Tom,Have you seen the story about the ex-soldier handing in a shotgun and getting a conviction for possession of a firearm?
Dreadful,and frightening.

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