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With capitalists like this...
Giving an unattractive nation a makeover


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Fay Levoir

Number 3 :)


While I am not enamoured of number one at least it looks Chinese. 2 and 3 could be any city to those who are not in the know. I have to agree with Rech. This is a huge cultural change for you and I think it needs to be in the face obvious to your readers that you are in China. Get the photo right first then worry about the titles.

Sorry, back to the drawing board in my opinion.


Not very Chinese though? I know from experience that Shanghai does look like a smoggy big Manhattan but something else would add a little local flavour. Maybe a view of the Bund, or something incorporating the Shanghai Mansions?


Tom, N2 a little brighter in the lettering please. You can't run N3 because of the building in the right foreground and the text too centred and the first one is best not commented on. Straight from the hip, m'boy.

Lord T

I'm drawn to #2 with #3 being a couple of minor points behind.

It's the Last Ditch wording that looks good but it would look better on the left. :)

Devil's Kitchen

Option #3 has a boldness missing in the others—that's the one to go for...


Mr Eugenides

I would say, on aesthetic grounds, #2 or #3. The light background seems to work better, for me.

Of course, if you made a similarly light-coloured banner but combined it with a more traditional image of China such as that in the first banner, I suppose it would look similar. I suppose it all depends on which image of China you think is more representative - and that might change after a few months in Beijing...

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