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Giving an unattractive nation a makeover

Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser - Telegraph.
Dreamstime_11144159This story proves the Labour Party knows no ethical boundaries to state power. A government should serve the people, not seek to manipulate them. Social re-engineering of the people in the interests of the governing party is no part of a government's remit. Labour cannot even deny this particular exercise was against the peoples' will. Why else did it manipulate the data? If it had thought there was popular support for re-engineering the nation to make it "more attractive and cosmopolitan", it would have campaigned for election on that basis.

Let's face it however; what nation would elect a government that despised it as unattractive and parochial? In deliberately flooding our islands with millions of unnecessary immigrants, Labour concealed its "driving political purpose" and "concentrated instead on the economic benefits". Those benefits have proved illusory, but they were never what mattered to Labour.

I feel sorry for the immigrants concerned. They have been used as political weapons to attack the people they came to live among and can hardly expect to be loved for it. Yet this was not their fault. They sought, as sane humans do, to improve the lives of their families. They disrupted their lives; removed themselves from their communities; made huge efforts in many cases to come to a place they hoped would offer more life chances. Many with strong religious and cultural beliefs came because they were encouraged to believe they need not adapt in order to live in Britain. Now we know why. They were being deliberately imported in order to modify Britain; to adapt it to them. They have been cruelly used in a campaign not of their making. It is impossible to imagine any party but Labour being so cynical and arrogant.

This was about importing Labour voters, dramatically changing the country Labour has long despised and taking a mischievous chance to "rub the Right's nose in diversity." It was, in short, a betrayal of the nation. Labour has today been exposed as not merely unfit to govern, but unfit to live among the people it so hates. All involved in this exercise should emigrate to a country sufficiently "diverse" to be "attractive" to them. Perhaps Cuba?


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If this story is true then the labour inner circle responsible for putting this diabolical plan into action should be tried for treason. Unfortunately, that would be the fair and proper thing to do and that just doesn't happen in the UK today. Alas, I believe that we British a people with an Identity that goes back a long time, are finished. We have bean beaten without even putting up a fight, it really is tragic.


Good point, well made, Last Ditch.

Still, excessive immigration has given the UK a huge problem in that it drains the public purse (the government's fault) and Islam is on the rise (the government's fault).

Will the Tories appease Muslim extremists too? They worry me.


Straw hasn't done too well in the father league, what with his son being copped for drugs and his father exposed as a draft-dodger!

His name suits him perfectly.


It would also not bode well for the MSM, which is struggling to hide the truth with all these pesky bloggers around!


I cannot imagine the BBC running with this. If they do, it will be spun to blame the indigenous population as being racists. This bloody government just doesnt get it do they?


When fatherless people (aka Jack Straw) meet others of the same angry bent, they seek and create a Perfect Father-Less Society that provides them justifcation and a sense of Peace. People in Denial are the manipulated useful idiots. Obama is even more screwed up, so look what financially is going to be given away in return for the emptiness of flattery.

Politics is of blind-siding the mind.

Tony E

This might just be the last straw with the English, Labour might be finished in England as political force for ever. Because it was the English that this was aimed at, not the rest of the British isles. The English have an independence of mind from big government which is unique in Britain, which is why Labour has never been able to maintain a majority in English votes for very long.

So they brought in their own voters, manipulated the constituencies, and relied on the West Lothian qustion to destroy England while their heartlands in Scotland and Wales sucked money from the English to fund their increasingly unaffordable lifestyles.

I hope the backlash reunites the English against the Labour government and that we can get rid of them in time to prevent our balkanisation under the EU.


No names no pack drill but a goodly proportion of NuLab's great and good are ex(ish?) marxists. Seems to me that if you're a marxist and aren't getting anywhere fast whipping up an old style violent revolution, why not go undercover, join the Labour Party and orchestrate a stealth revolution, perhaps by dumbing down education to make the population more maleable. Oh and let's destabalise society by encouraging mass immigration.

It puts a whole new slant on "Education, education, education" and multiculturism.

Just a thought.


Curiously, given that this story broke last night, at this precise moment only The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail are running it. I should have thought the story was dynamite. It will be interesting to watch how it developes, if true, because if the general silence continues, we shall know for sure that by and large the Media still buys into the New Labour project, in all its guises. That would not bode well for any mainstream centre-right politician who tries to discuss how to control immigration. I can just imagine the furore.


I can't get across how gobsmacked I am by this admission. The very idea that they sought to engage - explicitly - in social engineering and hide their motivations from the public is making my flesh creep. It also now behooves us to ask the next question - if they're willing to do *this*, what else have they done, or have planned?

To me it means the worst fears expressed amongst Eurosceptics regarding the regionalisation plans could well be true. And that is really upsetting me.

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