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Crime mapping

Crime mapping for English and Welsh police forces - CrimeMapper.

A new crime mapping website is available in England & Wales. I used it to check the area around my house in England and the results surprised me. It's a city centre and I knew there was crime but was amazed how much of it violent. Two or three burglaries a month is bad enough, but 50-70 assaults!? Presumably they were fairly serious for the police to be involved.

(click chart to enlarge)


Can any of our police blog colleagues tell us if this is typical?


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Lord T

Don't forget the way the collect crimes. If you defend yourself you are down as a stat as well. So two blokes fighting makes two assaults as does two birds slapping each other. Poking a finger in someones chest is an assault as well as simply grabbing their arm.

ASB on the other hand could be just walking home with a bottleof wine nowadays.

Notice how the two widest ranging offenses have so much of the crimein your area.


Talking to a neighbour who's a copper, it seem typical. But much of the violent crime is domestic, drunken friends, drugs or gang related. A small number of people generate most of the violence on each other again and again. The stat you want is violence on someone unknown to the attacker; sadly not listed here and probably not counted at all. As always with data collection, the data you really want is destroyed at the point of collection.

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