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Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Darling? / UK / Economy & Trade - UK ready to commit extra $11bn to IMF.

With the government taking the nation further into already record debt at the rate of £10 million per hour, gilt markets wavering, and investors asking if the UK is "another Iceland," one has to ask from where the Chancellor of the Exchequer will get $11 billion to give to the IMF? Is the impoverished UK in any position now to support other economies? Or is Alistair Darling just hoping to fool those idiot voters who think economics is a branch of arboriculture?

The UK is far more likely in the foreseeable future to be a supplicant to the IMF than a donor. These villains and the 26% of the population still planning to vote for them (who are these morons?) are impoverishing your children and their children. The Mayor of Doncaster is showing the way. The mad spending has to stop now.