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What does this say about Labour supporters?

The House of Lords 1 is innocent!

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Lady Scotland risks migrant fine.

Lady Scotland is innocent. I believe she didn't know her servant from Tonga had no right to work in the UK. However, it's hard to feel sorry for a member of a government that created the situation reported by the BBC;

Those who knowingly give take on illegal workers face a two-year prison sentence and unlimited fine, while those who do it unknowingly face a £10,000 fine.

Lady Scotland is as innocent as many other people who will be convicted for this offence. Let's hope it makes her reflect on Labour's apparent lust for convicting the innocent to prove that it is "tough" on crime.

The Crown Prosecution Service usually manages to ensure "the great and the good" are not prosecuted. Perhaps Lady Scotland has offended someone and been denounced? That, after all, is how it works in the sort of regime she is working to build.  For now, all we can do is enjoy a rare moment of accidental justice.


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As I understand it the C(an't) P(rosecute) S(ocialists) was never afforded the opportunity to kick this one into the long grass.

Employing illegal workers appears to be a strict liability civil offence for which Lady Scotland was unable to produce any evidence for a due diligence defence.

No court, no defense, no judge , no jury. Just a 'Compliance Team'.

I hope the Baroness enjoys the view from atop her petard.

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