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Honey trap?
Stats 2004-6

Stats 2006 to date


Compared to the big boys, this is nothing I know (click to enlarge and it's still not very big). Still it shows that monthly readership has grown slowly, but steadily, since The Last Ditch moved to Typepad in September 2006. The big early spike, in case you're curious, just shows what happens if you blog against gun control and get picked up by the American blogs. It's a bit sad that the (important) liberty to carry guns is more popular than other liberties, but we must keep trying.

I can't graph the 18 months of The (original) Last Ditch, but the numbers were so small it's perhaps as well.


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Well done to a top blogger.

Colin Campbell

Good work Tom. Mine is pretty steady in the 100 - 150 range per day, thanks mainly to bots I think.


I am saying I can track it since I moved to Typepad, because that's when I happened to install the tracker. I could have done it on blogger too but was too much a noob.


So are you saying that you get more hits because you moved to Type Pad?

Or that it just coincides, maybe because of more material or the subjects.

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