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I was wrong when I said I couldn't graph the data for the first 18 months of this blog. StatCounter is able to do it - and here, embarrassingly, are the results. Click to enlarge and laugh, bearing in mind that - like yesterday's - these are monthly figures!

It may interest new bloggers to see how long it took to find readers. Many of my best efforts were in that period, but as you see they were read by virtually no-one. I still don't quite know why I didn't give up, but I would encourage anyone who has something to say to persist. At the very worst, though few of us will make a difference individually, we will together show future historians that we were not the bland, homogeneous mass the mainstream media's archives will suggest.

The third anniversary of the current version of this blog stimulated all this navel-gazing, which I promise will now end.


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Matt Wardman

One point is that 70-90% of visitors are likely to come via your archives, which means that your older posts can be the ones which get read more.

For me that is an encouragement.


Yes we are like the servant Roman Generals sometimes had, standing in the chariot with them, on a triumph parade.

If not "Sic transit gloria mundi". (I think I may have gone to school with her.. always being sick on school trips)then at least the odd casual reference to feet of clay... ^_^

North Northwester

Congratulations, and an inspiration to bloggers like me down in the stats cellar.
I have to say I get quiet satisfaction from my hundred-a-day or or so readers, and the comments are often kind - and occasionally spicily antagonistic.
I shall definitely persevere; raining on certain parades with gusto.
This should be a spike day for you, with DK linking to you twice in his first line.
Not that I'm envious, or anything...


Enough already. It is past time to be obsessing about stats. You have a well established blog, with a regular readership of no doubt like minded individuals with the occasional "leftie" to poke you with a stick when you get too "over the top". Besides if you are like everyone else there are a lot of google searches in those numbers. :)

OK, OK. Congratulations on the increased numbers. It must be quite gratifying for you.

Young Mr. Brown

read by virtually no-one

Er, um, . . .

If you think that those numbers are bad, you should see the stats for my blog.

(Of course, anyone who takes a passing glace at my blog will realise exactly why that is!)

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