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New Statesman loses argument, conceals evidence
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Nick Clegg is un-English

I watched Andrew Marr interview the leader of the illiberal non-democrats this morning. I believe his name is Clegg. He seems very representative of his pernicious party.

Distinguishing the LibDems from the Tories on civil liberties, he said indignantly that the Tories wanted to abolish the Human Rights Act, calling it the basis of our rights. There can be no better evidence that someone misunderstands the English. The Government cannot "give" us rights because all rights belong to us. The government only enjoys the powers (i.e. the abilities to limit our rights) that we give to it. His vision is of a nation of slaves, granted freedom by the State. That is the vision of Labour. It is profoundly un-English and rather revolting.

On the subject of taxation, he suggested that lower rate taxpayers "subsidise" higher rate payers who get "twice as much" tax relief on their pension savings. Again, this only makes sense if you believe that all wealth belongs to the state, so that money we are permitted to retain is some kind of gift. I can't even be bothered to critique it. It is surely quite obviously wrong to even the meanest intellect.

I am still not going to remember this lightweight's name. It's quite enough to know he's a political idiot with no understanding of the nation he aspires to lead.