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Alex Salmond promises British citizenship if Scotland becomes separate nation - Telegraph.

I support the SNP's campaign for Scottish independence. I have even been known to send Mr Salmond's party a donation. More English people now support Scottish independence than Scots. Let's face it. We have not heard a friendly word from north of the border since the Acts of Union.

I became an English Scots Nationalist one day in Stirling. I am an admirer of Sir William Wallace, a brave, proud man who would despise those modern "nationalists" who confuse a plan for EU parasitism with "independence". Near his memorial, I listened to a Scottish chav (I believe the word is "ned") explaining his significance to his toddler son. He spoke of the English to this innocent in blood-curdling terms. I watched the child's eyes as he drank it down and knew there was no hope. Forget shortbreads, tartans and crude provincial poetry. Scottishness is defined by hatred.

At least the idiotic father gave me a laugh. He was doing this in front of what he thought was the Memorial; the figure of Mel Gibson as Wallace which was standing near the visitor centre. I walked sadly up the path to the real memorial.

Scotland is one of my favourite places and I have valued Scottish friends, but I would lose nothing (and gain much) by its independence. It needs tourism income, so I will still be welcome there. Something tells me my favourite distilleries will be just as ready to sell me my tipple.

However Mr Salmond has no right to promise British citizenship to Scots after independence. No man can give what he does not have. If he rejects Britain, he must live with his choices, as Wallace would have bravely done. For that matter, if Scotland leaves an EU member state, it also leaves the EU. The United Kingdom, minus Scotland, would be perfectly free to veto its application for membership. I believe it should do so. Scotland begged for the Acts of Union. It was a failed state brought to beggary by the Darien Venture.  It has been subsidised by England ever since. At the least, it should prove itself by 50 years of economic independence before it is even allowed to apply. During that time, a Scots passport should give no special rights in the United Kingdom.

Of the entire Scottish nation, only 163,000 are net contributors to Britain's budget. If Scotland opts for independence, those ladies and gentlemen should perhaps be offered British citizenship. The rest know what to do.