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Nick Clegg is un-English
The House of Lords 1 is innocent!


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David Davis

Going to China then?

It will go capitalist, I am sure, not quite now but in time, and properly, and the scumbags, which have for three millennia hel down the poor wretched brutalised Chinese People, will finally fall. Then, we will _really_ have to watch out for our arses!


Really? Now that is news.

Lord T

I am neither more talented or a designer. My graphics skills are certainly pre-school where all of my best work was performed so take this as a comment by a consumer.

I don't like it.

Your last one gave the impression you were looking out over a vast domain and giving your views on the world. This looks like you are lost in some back alley looking for a way home and scared you will be mugged.

Personally, I'd rather see a similar one as you have now for your new locale. It's a bit of a signature piece.

Just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.

Inspector Gadget

What a relief to hear news of some happy event. On my site, I wonder if things have become so bad that people can taste how tense and uneasy I am these days.

I guess it may have become much easier to recognise the symptoms of yet another police blog spiralling into terminal wimper.


So will you have to live in a hotel to have access to your inworld business?

You are slowly moving eastward, but at an accelerating rate. Japan next?

Devil's Kitchen

China, eh?

Don't use Papyrus though...


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