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A request to snoop on public every 60 seconds - Telegraph.

The British electorate has taken its eye off the ball. More precisely, it has taken its eye off its political and administrative classes. It has failed in that eternal vigilance that is the price of liberty.

This blog and many others have been making these points for years, only to be sneered at by the "progressives" who believe the state benign. They tell us that, if we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear. One request every 60 seconds suggests that an awful lot of us are perceived to have something to hide. Or that your aunt who works at the local council has a lot of prurient curiosity.

These intercepts are mostly not being performed by the security services in counter-terrorism operations, as was intended. They are being used routinely by all arms of the British state. It is time to put these jobsworths back in their boxes.