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Top 100 Right of Centre Blogs.

It seems to me that If I slipped a few places this year in the top 20 Libertarian blogs, but am placed higher in the top 100 Right of Centre blogs, the libertarians must be doing better. Does that make sense?

Congratulations to Obnoxio, who has shot up from 81st to 13th place. Evidently not many blog readers are maiden aunts, especially as the top 3 libertarian bloggers are Devil's Kitchen, Old Holborn and Obnoxio. It seems (d*** and b**** it) that the public prefers freedom-minded bloggers who swear freely.

I am delighted to see my slot from last year occupied by new entrant Anna Racoon, one of my learned friends, who is as sound as a pre-Brown pound and trenchant with it.

However, I am sad to see that the most important British blog has slipped several places in the rankings. I refer of course to Burning our Money. It's far more important than the bigger blogs because it holds the government to account for stewardship of public funds. This is a crucial job that the British media - staffed as they are by innumerate arts graduates - and Parliament - staffed as it is by ambitious poodles - signally fail to do.

I am also personally disappointed to see An Englishman's Castle slip many places. It's the first blog I turn to every day and is unsurpassed for concise wit and acute observation. If I envy any blogger his turn of phrase, it is the Englishman. Chin up, old bean.

Anyway, The Last Ditch is now placed at number 38, up from number 47 last year. Thank you to all who voted.


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Anna Raccoon

"the public prefers . . . bloggers who swear freely"


Oh dear, you are so right......I wrote an article on how the recession was affecting unlikely businesses when the 'Pussy Club', a brothel in Germany started to throw in free food and drink......I entitled it 'the all you can eat pussy club' remains the single most read article on my site, turned up in search engines at 4am in Khazakstan and's so depressing!


I'm of good cheer - silly comment by me.


You are an inspired blogger, James, but not political. These are political blogging lists. Be of good cheer.


Well done. I'm obviously a rubbish blogger, not making it on any list but shall press on regardless.

Young Mr. Brown

I'd made the same observation as that in your first paragraph - and was encouraged - though the real test will be when the list of the Top 100 blogs comes out.

"the public prefers . . . bloggers who swear freely"

I'd noticed that too. O tempora o mores!

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