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Two brilliant posts (and neither by me, damn it all)

JuliaM, the AmbushPredator, has a tie for her "post of the month". The first she has selected is from They're Joking, Aren't They? (with the wonderful strapline, "What are our rulers thinking of? And with?"). The second is from Winston Smith. Kudos to both of them, and a tip of the hat to JuliaM.

Here are the gems in question:

They're Joking. Aren't They?: Possessions.

Winston Smith: Making the Right Choice Part 2

For overseas readers (and, for that matter, comfortable middle class readers from the Home Counties) both posts should give some insight into modern Britain, which is about as far from the stereotypical Hugh Grant image as it could possibly get.


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Both top blogs and on my main visiting list.

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