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Speaking ill of the dead

The eulogies for the late Senator from Massachusetts are disgusting. It makes me sick to read the constant refrain of "the liberal lion." A lion is a noble, courageous beast. Kennedy was a beast, certainly, but neither noble nor courageous. That leftists and liberals admire this coward speaks volumes about them and their unjustified sense of righteousness.

Forget everything about him but this. He ran away from a drowning girl. He did not try to save her. He did not call for help. He ran away and hid until her body was discovered. I could list other faults (cheating on his Spanish exam at Harvard, his support for Irish terrorism, his promotion of the racism known euphemistically as "affirmative action") but beside this defining act, all else pales.

He was a coward. Let that be his epitaph. It is the only one he deserves. One of freedom's enemies is dead at last. He should have died, as his manhood died, on July 18, 1969 at Chappaquiddick.

Death does not dignify him. Nothing could.


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Lots more old testament thinking than new testament here I guess...


He only changed his stance on the IRA after 9/11 when the true cost of supporting terrorism was brought home to him.

Until then he was adamant that the IRA had a right to bomb, maim and murder and supported every cent they could swindle out of trusting Americans.

I loathed the man and cannot mourn the loss of such s despicable character.


His fans are calling him a lion because they perceive that beast as noble and brave. It's conventional, but leftists are the conventional thinkers these days (when they think at all). As for whether the rascal's support for terrorism eased toward the end, that hardly endears him to me. And it makes him no less of a coward.

Young Mr. Brown

Leaving aside the question of how one defines the word 'liberal', it must be said that describing Mr. Kennedy as a 'liberal lion' doesn't really say much for liberals.


Now whatever you think about Kennedy and I know he was by no means perfect, just don't try anthropomorphising Lions as any more noble and courageous that cheetahs or three toes sloths.

That's us projecting, because of what they look like.

Didn't Kennedy have a hand in reducing the flow of donations to the IRA by around 3/4... That's got to add up to one or two lives saved hasn't it?

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