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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (not)

nourishing obscurity: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens?.

The linked item is a (for me) more than usually personal guest post at James Higham's blog, Nourishing Obscurity. He has asked a number of bloggers to write about our favourite things. I hope James will reciprocate with a guest post here at The Last Ditch at some point.

Though work continues as normal tomorrow for me, I wish my English readers a good bank holiday and hope you all get to enjoy some of your favourite things.


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Since I cannot comment at NO on your post I will do so here.

As you know I do not have the same feelings about a car as you do but it is wonderful to hear someone speak so passionately about something which brings them such joy.

Books and pens and stationery all bring me great pleasure, although, like you, my online life has cut severely into my reading time, however I still continue to buy books and they pile up and make me feel guilty.

My favourite fountain pen is one I bought in Italy years ago but it is rather hilarious since my handwriting is abysmal, therefore seldom used except for very carefully handwritten cards on various occasions. I have three Moleskin notebooks, one of which goes with me everywhere. It seems a shame to desecrate them with my chicken scratches but the first one came as a gift and I decided to use it regardless. Now I buy them for myself and say to heck with it. I love them.

Well this is not about me but what you have written about your favourite things and it is a lovely glimpse of the softer Tom Paine, who appears so seldom here.


Thanks, Tom, for running that post. Though the comments are few as usual at my place, the stats indicate a lot of people are looking at it.

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