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Dick Puddlecote: It's Confirmed. Scotland Is Going Insane.

Mr Puddlecote is one of these, shall we say, trenchant bloggers whom I admire but am too gentle  to emulate. My personal view of Scotland is that the immense beauty of that country and the rich variety of its whiskies are Nature's way of compensating for the cretinous leadership its people have "enjoyed" (and sometimes, understandably, palmed off on us poor English).

I have often also thought the fighting spirit of the Scots was more an understandable therapeutic release of their frustration at their hopeless leaders, than evidence of any loyalty to them.

I do have to applaud Mr Puddlecote, however, for his turn of phrase in describing Scotland's current leaders as; dense they could bend light...

As Oscar Wilde once said flatteringly to Whistler, "I wish I had said that". As Whistler replied, "You will, Oscar. You will."