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How dare she oppose the state?

Solicitor faces being struck off after fighting councils' care cuts - Telegraph.

A fellow-solicitor faces a charge of "bringing the profession into disrepute" because she helped clients campaign againts council policies. I suspect Ms Hossack is not of my political persuasion. Nonetheless, from this article I suspect she has rather brought our profession into repute than otherwise.

I am fascinated to see how the new and sinister-sounding "Solicitors' Regulation Authority" (OffShark?) will address the matter. I am sure the Law Society had no legal option but to refer the councils' complaints, but it sticks in my throat that we are no longer a free profession, able to tell these statist thugs where to go.


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I know it's wondering a tad OT - but she was involved with that Chester? council case where they charged a bunch of councillors and officials with manslaughter as a result of a sudden old folks home closure resident eviction and sale (to a cronie) which resulted in an "unfortunate" spate of sudden deaths.

Anybody know what happened there?


"the state owns the law."

The State makes the Law, It enforces the Law, when the Law works against the State, the Law is changed. (or better still circumvented all together)

De Menezes

Al Magrahi

Cash For Peerages

Having elected representatives running the country.

The Law is now a weapon of the State and will contunue to be so until we have a written Constitution

Cynical but True


Mere whit.


He's kidding, Wonko. He must be.


Just in case any passing reader thinks you are serious, the flaw in your reasoning is the assumption you begin with, which is "the state owns the law." But you are joking, aren't you?


Alexander, are you saying that any lawyer prosecuting or defending a case against the state is bringing the profession into disrepute?

Martin Kelly


We haven't been free professions, either up here in Scotland or down in E & W, since the incorportation of the Law Societies.

Alexander De Large

You are wrong. She HAS brought the profession into disrepute. The state owns the law, and lawyers administer it so that the state can function. If a lawyer acts against the interest of the law (which means the state), they are bringing the profession into disrepute because they are there to deliver a service, loyally, to the state, by keeping their clients in line and obedient. Now, lets look at the dictionary definition:

adj disˈreputable [-ˈrepju-]
1 not respectable, especially in appearance a disreputable old coat.

By acting against the state, this lawyer IS making the state lose respect, she IS bringing the state into ill repute.


And with my 10000000% approval

Henry North London

Shocking The Stasi will get you for speaking out against unfair things

Honecker would be proud

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