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Guardian TV poll: let's keep up the pressure

Annoy a Guardianista; vote now!

Poll: What's the best TV show of the decade 2000-09? | Media |

The Grauniad is having a poll on "the best TV show of the decade" and the results are annoying its precious journalists.

Monday 2pm: we are aware that there has been some *ahem* multiple voting and we are investigating how to eliminate this. In the meantime, please keep voting - legitimately

Oh, dear. How shocking. I am sure they would never have complained were, say, Andrew Marr's Sunday Socialist Sycophancy Show in the lead. So which show has people clicking so enthusiastically? Yes, there is justice in the Universe occasionally. It's the one they hate the most (click to enlarge). Delicious!

Guardian pain

Please go over there and add to their pain.


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Honourable mention for The Wire. A show which highlights the insane futility of prohibition and the corrupt self serving nature of identity politics.

I still voted for Top Gear though.

Kevyn Bodman

What a dilemma?
The pleasure of annoying a Guardianista achieved by voting for a show that I choose never to watch because I think Clarkson is one of those things referred to by Cameron on his ill-fated radio interview.

I will vote for The West Wing because of:

Abigail Bartlett
C J Cregg
Amy Gardner
Donatella Moss
Ainsley Hayes

Since my reasoning is obviously based on outmoded sexism I think it would still qualfy as annoying to Guardianistas, should any of them ever come over here.

Fay Levoir

Out of that list it probsably is consistantly the best show this decade not sure I have seen many of the others.

Rab C. Nesbitt

Excellent! Voted.


I voted twice, but that's it.
It won't let me vote thrice. =(


Sunday Socialist Sycophancy Show

Got it in one.

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