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An elegy in an Aston Martin

This film perfectly captures how I feel. Not just about cars you understand, but about my life and my country's future. Our islands are now in the hands of people who don't "get" this sublime physical expression of the human spirit. A spirit of striving, of freedom, of adventure and of exploration. A restless spirit that will never be satisfied with mediocrity.

People who don't "get" that will not "get" much more. They will not just be limited in their motoring experiences (sad though that would be for them), they will build a Lada society, which will be sad for all of us.

Even if you don't care (shame on you) about automotive artistry, please give this short film one viewing. Just let the scenery, the tone, the sentiment wash over you.

h/t (nsfw) Theo Spark


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Very true. Good point.


"Speed and drop-dead good looks are what count in a car. Oh, and character. And charm. And a beautiful engine note."

What about handling? Handling is important... *smile*


Welcome to the blogosphere! That wasn't so hard, was it?


Mr Paine, As a long time reader, and also having had the privilege of spending an outrageously pleasant trip with you in Vittoria, this clip and topic has finally dragged me onto the comments page. Be afraid....

I couldn't agree with you more about this. Not only was this an unusually poignant moment on the only television programme produced by those propagandists worth watching, it demonstrated in an unexpectedly sophisticated manner so much about our society. I am sad at the decay in our once great civilisation this highlighted and the loss of an appreciation of beauty (in its proper sense) for its own sake.

Like you, I don't fit (nor can afford) a modern Aston, and most of the time I don't mind. That clip makes me want to cut my legs off!!

If Vittoria needs some affection whilst you are away you only need to ask......


Reliability? Comfort? Who cares about that? There would only be Japanese cars if that's what was wanted. Speed and drop-dead good looks are what count in a car. Oh, and character. And charm. And a beautiful engine note.

The Bond guys destroy several Astons for each movie. It's such a shame as they are hand made by craftsmen. I guess they live forever in the movie though, so maybe the men who make them don't mind. Or maybe they just make rough ones to be smashed/blown up?

I could never get into that particular model. I am far too tall for any current Aston. I did once debate buying a DB6 (the Goldfinger one) of which (like every other boy in the world) I had a model when young. They are about three times more expensive if in the movie colour (original paint confirmed by factory records - you can't just triple the value by respraying them). I thought about it and decided (a) I didn't want one NOT in the movie colour and (b) that was too much for an old car that would hardly ever run and would cost more to maintain than a yacht. I was also thinking of buying it jointly with a friend and Mrs P patiently explained that it would end the friendship if one of us dented it (or wanted it the same weekend). Mrs P can be very wise.

I haven't driven Vittoria for weeks and am off to China again shortly so won't see her for an age. I don't even know where she is right now. She's been taken to a secret place of safety by a trusted kinsman because the Misses P are home for the Summer and have filled her garage with their possessions. I couldn't bear to leave her out on the street for so long, but it's also hard imagining her gently depreciating without getting a chance for her V8's song to bring smiles to small boys' faces.

Enough automotive lyricism. Back to the crusty business of political blogging...


Watching that must have made you antsy and longing to be driving Vittoria on the open road.:)

Not being a "guy", cars don't mean that much to me as long as they get me from A to B, reliably and comfortably. However, last night watching Daniel Craig half demolish an Aston Martin in the latest James Bond movie, I did think it quite the desecration.


Singing to the choir here, Tom.

Fay Levoir

I watched this last night. It is amazing :)
I will be looking hopefully for one in my Christmas stocking :)
Might even learn to drive for that.
Clarkson is a favourite of mine. Not because I agree with him, far from it. But he makes me gasp and laugh at his attitude a lot.
I love that he is not afraid to say it :)

Charlotte Gore

Clarkson's right, although he could have said the same about most of the cars he drove this series, about his show and about himself. :S

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