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How dare she oppose the state?
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Cowards flinch and traitors sneer

Worrying reading - Frank Field MP.

It's hard to believe that the most sensible words I can find written today - in blogosphere or msm - are from a Labour MP. "Worrying reading" indeed. Yet a Conservative opposition strongly positioned in the opinion polls still lacks the courage to state these obvious truths;

With public borrowing coming in at £200 billion, and the printing of money as though there is no tomorrow, it is difficult to understand the reasoning of those voices who prattle on about the dangers of cutting public spending now.

Quite. Come on Cameron. Speak up for sanity.


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Man in a Shed

The dangers of cutting spending now are mostly to those politicians standing for re-election.

But lets be clear the responsibility is Brown's. There hasn't been a UK opposition that has gone into a general election promising cuts since the 1920's, or so I'm told.

I also not that the latest govt borrowing figures are bad and tax receipts down 20% more than forecast.

There's a crunch coming as sure as night follows day.


Traitors also flinch, Tom.

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